Fall Outfits for Your Next Session!

Woodbridge, NJ Family Photographer

Fall is by far my favorite season (unless you consider Christmas a season because Christmas always wins). I truly believe fall fashion is the best fashion and I live for the day I finally get to show my sweaters and boots some love again.

One of the first questions after I book a session is usually about what to wear for the photoshoot. Depending on the location and time of year there's always so many options that it can be overwhelming, especially if it's a family session and you have more than yourself to think about. I'm going to link my Pinterest board below for you to get some fall outfit inspiration but here are some tips to follow for your next photoshoot!


There's no need to all be matching exactly but you should wear coordinating colors and styles. Matching too much can clash in photos and you also want to be sure to show your personality through your outfits!

things to avoid

You always want to avoid bright colors, small patterns, logos and stripes. Stripes always have a way of looking a little strange in photos. When planning out your outfits, always think of neutrals and textures.

outfits that move with you

For the women, whether it's a maternity shoot or family shoot, if you're thinking of wearing a dress I always suggest a long, flowy dress. I love movement in photos and flowy dresses are perfect for just that.

comfort is key

The most important thing is to always be comfortable. If you don't normally like dressing up, then go more casual and go for jeans and a nice top. If you like to be fancy, then show up in that beautiful dress you've been eyeing! The more comfortable and confident you feel, the better the photos will turn out. :)

fall outfit accessories

A few accessories I love to include in photoshoots, especially in the fall, are jackets, hats and even blankets! I always have a blanket with me for photoshoots but if you have a specific blanket you love then by all means bring it along! They're great for sitting or laying photos and for couples I love to have them wrap each other up in the blanket for a few shots.