How to Prepare for Your In-Home Newborn Session

woodbridge, New Jersey Baby Photographer

There's nothing more that I love than meeting and photographing newborns. These session are always my favorites because there's just something about being around babies and seeing their little fingers, their little yawns and can we just talk about the baby toes! The last thing I want is for you to stress as new parents. You already have so much going on and I definitely know all about the newborn exhaustion! These sessions are always lead by the baby, whether it's taking breaks for diaper changes, feedings or if your baby just needs to let it out and cry a little. I always just go with the flow but below are some ways to try to help things run a little more smoothly. :)

Feed that baby!

You always want to try to make sure that baby is fed and burped close to when our session is scheduled to start. A fed baby is a happy baby after all! Of course this doesn't always work out because the baby won't eat if they're not hungry. But if that's the case, we'll always take feeding breaks. And to be honest, feeding pictures are always so beautiful if you want me to capture those moments as well.


This could be challenging, especially if baby is just way too tired already. But by keeping baby awake for an hour before our session, there's a better chance at getting those sweet sleepy photos. And who doesn't want a photo of that little squish sleeping soundly on your shoulder?! It's also easier on my end if they're sleeping so I'm able to move/position them any which way. If you find it impossible to keep them up before our session, don't stress it at all. I love capturing those sweet moments when your new babe is just staring right back at you.

Warm up your house

If you want photos of baby in just a diaper or maybe even a diaper with a swaddle, I always suggest having your house a little warmer than usual so baby isn't too cold. It doesn't matter if we start sweating. This session is all about the new star of the family!


For baby, try to keep it as simple as possible; plain diapers, no logos on shirts. I always love earthy tones and white is always a great choice as well. And same goes for the parents and any siblings involved! Make sure you're comfortable in whatever you choose but try to keep your outfits neutral tones. Avoid bright colors and big prints or patterns. If you need any help choosing what to wear, I'm always happy to help and give you some ideas. I also have a client closet with the cutest baby clothes and some beautiful dresses!


Neutral swaddles are always best. Any swaddles with big, bold prints can be distracting and we want to focus on the new member of the family! You don't always need to use a swaddle but if baby is fussy, swaddling is always one of the best options.


As a natural light photographer, I'm always looking for the best lighting, especially when it comes to in-home sessions, so I love taking photos as close to a window as I can. For newborn sessions, I usually shoot in the living room, the nursery and sometimes even in the master. Don't worry about having a spotless house. Just make sure there isn't any clutter near the windows. And if there are any little things I need to move like garbage cans or toys, I can of course help you with that. :)