Why An In-Home Session Might Be Right For You!

Woodbridge, NJ Photographer

When it comes to in-home sessions, there are a few reasons why they're my personal favorite type of sessions. They're so perfect for newborn shoots but I also love when someone wants to do a maternity or couples shoot in their own home too. If you're thinking of booking a photoshoot but you're not sure if you want to be in the great outdoors or in the privacy of your home, hopefully this blog will help you decide!

You Don't have to leave your home!

Is there really anything better than that? You don't have to rush to get somewhere, you get to relax more than you would at an outdoor or studio session and as soon as the session is over you get to change back into your sweats right away! This is why I love in-home sessions for newborn shoots too. The last thing anyone wants to do after giving birth and not sleeping for the second week in a row is get the baby ready, rush out the door or go anywhere for that matter.

it can happen any day of the year

The beauty of in-home sessions is they can take place any time of the year. I love outdoor sessions for the beautiful sunsets and beautiful scenery but when it's the middle of winter and there's snow on the ground, you usually don't want to be standing outside taking photos for an hour. Or if it's the middle of summer, then having a photoshoot indoors with the air-conditioner on might sound more appealing than standing outside sweating.

Everyone is more relaxed

This goes for any in-home session but it is so important if this is a newborn session in particular. Having a new baby can be really stressful so having an in-home newborn shoot can help take away any stress you were having about taking photos. You're in the comfort of your own home so feel free to take any breaks you need! Need the bathroom? Go for it! Did you all of a sudden get hungry or thirsty? Let's take a quick food break! Did the baby spit up all over themselves? Good thing their room is right there to get a new change of clothes! The more relaxed everyone is, the smoother the session will go and the better the photos will turn out.

You can easily include all family members, even fur babies!

Do you have a dog or cat that feels like family? Or are you nervous about your kids getting bored and going crazy during a photoshoot? This is another reason why I love in-home sessions. The kids can run off and be themselves when they don't feel like staying still for photos. And when they do run off to play, that's when the real magic begins in photos. I love letting the kids run around and let them be themselves because it always gets the most authentic smiles out of them. And as far as the family pets are concerned, it's easy to bring them in for a photo or two and then they can run around with the kids! :)

Your house is unique to you

No two houses are the same, which is why your home is so perfect for photos whether it's family photos, maternity photos, newborn or couples. You won't have pictures like everyone else has and they'll be so special for capturing that exact moment in your life. These pictures will tell your unique story and no one else's. What's better than that?